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Round Table Discussion at Hilton Park on the 13/02/2007

The Cyprus National Bioethics Committee (CNBC) organized a round table discussion at Hilton Park on 13/02/2007 concerning "Quality assurance of ethical review, use of safety information, ethics approval submission strategies in multinational studies, conflicts of interest in clinical research". The discussion was organized on the occasion of the representation of CNBC in the recent annual meeting of the European Forum on the Good Clinical Practice, from 30-31 January 2007 in Brussels.`

Rapporteurs were Dr. Marios Cariolou and Dr. Constantinos Deltas, who transposed the information and the experience that they acquired from their recent attendance in the annual meeting "Ethics Committees in Europe - How the Work with Diversity" that was organized in Brussels by the European forum for the good clinical practice.

Invited at this round table discussion were the Members of the CNBC and the Members of the two Review Bioethics Committees, i.e. The Review Bioethics Committee for Biomedical Research on Human Beings and their biological substances and the Review Bioethics Committee for the Clinical Trials on Medicinal Products of Human Use.

The CNBC has assigned (in accordance with the Law), its authority and responsibility for the bioethical review of research protocols on human beings, to the above mentioned Review Bioethics Committees.

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